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Power eXtreme Systems Inc.

Our Solution

Power eXtreme Systems (PXS) is using a unique Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Propulsion System powered by an innovative Single-Stroke Engine by Advanced Materials and Propulsion Engineering and Research Inc. as the power plant for UAV and VTOL allowing for unprecedented new capabilities in ultralight aviation. 


With access to innovative technology, it was only a time for PXS to develop a new type of UAV/VTOL. With years of development and intensive work on the propulsion system, PXS is entering the UAV/VTOL market with the most unique drone and a path for Man Operated Vertical Takeoff and Landing Craft in the future.

Why Us?

The unprecedented Power to Weight Ratio (PWR: 3.5 kW/kg  / 2.129 hp/lb) and ICE Propulsion System for ultra-light aviation allowed PXS to built long-distance and heavy payload lift UAV/VTOL not limited by the weight of the batteries with unique shape and capacity for special missions.

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Long Duration Flying Search & Rescue

Matrix II X60

PXS’ UAV, the MATRIX II X60 Mk1 goes above and beyond — offering you autonomous flight capabilities that are flexible, modular, and complex.

MATRIX II X60 is very capable to perform intelligence missions or complicated search and rescue reconnaissance at sea, land, in the mountains or in difficult disaster emergency conditions like earthquakes, volcanoes and typhoons. MATRIX II X60 is designed to carry unprecedented loads and quickly overcome long distances while being resistant to small in-flight obstacles. The MATRIX II X60 is exceptionally durable and will meet your requirements for responsiveness, high flight altitude and unprecedented manoeuvrability in restricted air space.

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Key Benefits

  • Innovative propulsion – the MATRIX II X60 system operates using an industry-changing single stroke engine. This creates an unmatched Power to Weight Ratio (PWR) providing heavy-lift flight up to +5kg additional payload with about three hours of flight time.

  • High speeds and maneuverability – the MATRIX II X60 use of a single stroke engine enables the UAV to achieve exceptionally high speeds and precision maneuverability. The aerodynamic design and enhanced Vertical and Take-off and Landing provide users with additional capabilities for their special missions.

  • Extended search time - superior range capability satisfies Intelligence Surveillance and Electronic Search and Rescue requirements. The UAV has a superior long-duration flight of up to 5 hours with an expanded payload.

  • Durable design – the UAV is built to last using a creative design process focused on providing protection for potential unexpected impact. The strong shell structure provides a protective enclosure for the propellers and integral internal components.

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Search & Rescue

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